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Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes may breathe fewer toxins


(Reuters Health) – Smokers who switch to e-cigarettes – even if it’s only some of the time – may dramatically reduce their exposure to air pollutants including carbon monoxide and acrolein, a British study suggests. Researchers gave e-cigarettes to 40 smokers who said they wanted to quit. After four weeks, …

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Republicans Are Trying to Sneak an E-Cigarette Exemption Past the FDA

Ecigarette with smoke

IT’S LAST-MINUTE CONGRESSIONAL budget season, which, for politicians, means it’s time to sneak totally unrelated provisions into the budget bill. And this year, the Republicans have a gift for all the vapers out there: a provision about the “grandfather date” for tobacco products. Wait, what? But keep reading—this obscure little …

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Sheriffs Weigh Selling E-Cigarettes to Inmates


As a way to allow some inmates to get their nicotine fix and sheriffs to shore up tight budgets, county jails across the country have begun selling electronic cigarettes. Though the trend has largely bypassed Texas, jail officials say that could change as sheriffs begin to warm up to the …

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Study Confirms That E-Cigarettes Generate Virtually No Toxins


Levels are about the same as those found in air. Anti-smoking activists and public health officials who question the usefulness of electronic cigarettes in reducing tobacco-related disease often talk as if the content of the aerosol generated by these newfangled contraptions is utterly mysterious. While it may be plausible that …

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